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Husqvarna on

Husqvarna is a very common brand on somewhat older shotguns in Sweden since it was Sweden only producer of shotguns over the years. Founded 1689 as a military arsenal to produce muskets for the Swedish Army.

Later the company evolved to become a industrial company that made chainsaws, motorbikes, garden equipment, refrigerators and guns for the Swedish Armed Forces as well to the civilian market.

1977 it was bought by Electrolux, and the gunmaking parts of the company was sold to FFV who continued making weapons for the military but closed the civilian line of gunmaking after a few years. The shotgunmaking was closed immediately, but they continued to make 1900 model and later the 2000.

FFV was formely known as Carl Gustavs Stads Gevärsfaktori - "Rifle Factory of Carl Gustaf's town" - was founded in 1812 as a state arsenal. The name Carl Gustaf's town was a name used intermittently for the town Eskilstuna after king Karl X  gave the town city privileges. Between 1943 and 1991 the factory was run by a state agency named FFV, and the whole complex was often referred to as FFV-Carl Gustaf.

FFV is since 1991 a part if the Celsius industrial company.

In later years Flodman/Caprinus is the only shotgun made in Sweden.


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