Snälla - inga vapenfrågor


Please - no questions about your old guns


About PMT on Shotguns

This is the shotgun-site is made by me - Tobias Hassel - a gun collector, author, arms dealer and freelance writer in Swedish guns and shooting magazines. The site is mostly in English, but the article pages are only in Swedish.

The name PMT is actually my initials - Per Mårten Tobias.

Here you can find information that can be useful if you are interested in shotguns from most perspectives.

Is there anything missing? Please let me know. Or even better write it down and I can publish it here.

Please note that this site is my spare time project, not a full-time project from my side. Help me getting it better - but do not try to force me to add things that is not about breech loading shotguns.

There might - somewhere in the unknown future - be a more specific section for breech loaded rifles and combination guns. But the time has not been available yet. For the moment the new regulations regarding lead shot within EU has a far higher priority.



This picture shows how happy you are when you had the chance to shoot a titanium Fabbri worth more money than my house.

Some thoughts about Internet and the human mankind

Internet is the only place in this market economy world, where someone may demand  the information they want. Immediately and free of charge. If you not get the information directly and for free - you get angry.

If you want information about rifles or automatic shotguns - you've come to the wrong site. This is a site for shotguns, breech loading shotguns. Nothing else. Nothing more. If I had a interest in rifles or automatic shotguns the site had obviously have had that content. But it has not. For the same reason.

So, if you're looking for information about rifles, pistols, anti aircraft cannons you have come to the wrong site. Please don't ask me.

Gather the information you're seeking by the traditional hard way we have done since the day of Johannes Gutenberg - read books, talk with people who know. Structure the information and create a site about whatever you feel for. I will happily ad a link from this site. But: DON’T ASK ME TO DO IT!

If you're not interested in doing the hard work (or just are to plain stupid to do it), don't be surprised that no one else is willing to put down the hard work for you. And after realizing that - you should definitely not be upset when you get at “no” from your requests and to often impolite questions.

This is not written without reason – there are to many “somebody” out there somewhere that obviously has decided to spam my mailbox with requests and questions that I have no desire to answer. Get a life stupid.

Page updated: 2023-01-13