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Borownik Double rifle 9,3x74R






A Austrian sbs double rifle from Ludwig Borovnik, Verlach probably made in the 1970-ies. I very good condition, nice floral engravings and with very nice wood. If not to say extremely lively wood.

Brilliant bores, vault tight action. Would make a perfect wild boar rifle since the rifle has ejectors, and comes in a caliber with cartridges available at almost any place at any time.

Regulated with RWS 18,5grams bullets. With a Pecar 1,25-4x20 in claw mount.

If you haven’t owned a double rifle and been to a driven wild boar hunt - you simply do not know what this rifle is made for. Ain’t life to short to wonder what it’s like to shoot boar with a really good double rifle?

Caliber: 9,3x74R

Length of pull: 37cm
Drop at comb: 34mm
Drop at heel: 70mm
Cast off heel: 6mm

Barrel length: 65

Weight: TBDg

Price: 4800 € / 46 000 sek

Mannlicher L 243

Pics to  come


Fullstock Mannlicher L with Zeiss Diavari 3-12x50 mounted in Aple mounts.

Caliber: 243

Length of pull: TBD cm
Drop at comb: TBD mm
Drop at heel: TBD mm
Cast off heel: TBD mm

Barrel length: TBD

Weight: TBDg

Price: 1000 € / 9 000 sek

BRNO 465 22 Hornet

Nice rifle, that has seen very little use



Caliber: 22 Hornet

Two scopes: Leupold 2-7x33 and a Bushnell 4-16x42.

Price: 460 € / 4500 sek

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