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For sale / Till salu

T. Newton BLE


T. Newton BLE kal.12/50 (2 inch) in nice condition, 26” barrels choked 1/4 & 1/2. Case with label and approx. 500 cartridges (24g 6 Gamebore).

A rare opportunity at a bargin price!

Gauge: 12/50

Length of pull: 37,5cm
Drop at comb: 40mm
Drop at heel: 50mm
Cast off heel: 9mm

Barrel length: 26”

Choke: 1/4 and 1/2

Weight: 2550g

Price: 1400 € / 15 000 sek


James Lang SLE

James Lang London Sidelock ejector Imperial modell. No 1 of a pair. Sleeved and restored but a nice working gun.

Gauge: 12/70

Length of pull: TBDcm
Drop at comb: TBDmm
Drop at heel: TBDmm
Cast off heel: TBDmm

Barrel length: 28”

Choke: 1/4 and 1/2

Weight: 3200g

Price: 2400 € / 23000 sek


CG Bonehill hammergun

CG Bonehill hammer gun, the Interchangable. Clip Lump barrels, nice engraving. Renovated, and has a valid Nitro Proof. A nice brittish hammergun for the traditional minded person.

More information to come.

Gauge: 12/65

Length of pull: 33,5cm
Drop at comb: 36mm
Drop at heel: 45mm
Cast off heel: 8mm

Barrel length: 72cm

Choke: 1/2 and 1/4

Weight: 3100g

Price: 1140 € / 10 000 sek.


FP Baker SLNE Cased






A nice and very well balanced British gun by a rather unknown London gunmaker - FP  Baker. Most likely restocked, but well made. Tight and in good condition. This gun has seen some use but still have many years of service left.

The case is in need of some maintenance if you are to use in a more daily base.

Gauge: 12/65

Length of pull: 37cm
Drop at comb: 40mm
Drop at heel: 30mm
Cast off heel: 10mm

Barrel length: 30”

Choke: 1/8 and 3/4

Weight: 3025g

Price: 2450 € / 25 000 sek.


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