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Armas Kemen KM4




A true claybuster, Armas Kemen KM4. The copy that overshines the original pERAZZI mx8. In original case with accessories.

Gauge: 12/70

Length of pull: 38cm
Drop at comb: 30mm
Drop at heel: 40mm
Cast off heel: 8mm

Barrel length: 30”

Choke: 1/42 and full

Weight: 3780g

Price: 3200 € / 34000 sek


Sauer & Sohn m/17



A very nice example of what Germany could produce once up on a time. A Sauer m/17 with ejektors. Restocked but in very good original condition with a crisp engraving.

Gauge: 12/65

Length of pull: TBDcm
Drop at comb: TBDmm
Drop at heel: TBDmm
Cast off heel: TBDmm

Barrel length: 28”

Choke: 1/4 and 1/2

Weight: TBDg

Price: TBD € / TBD sek



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