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Snälla - inga vapenfrågor


Please - no questions about your old guns


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Support Ukraine in Their War Against Facist Russia

It’s a war going on in Europe. In Ukraine. The aggressor is Russia, a state we thought we could trust and cooperate with. Well, as we now can see – we couldn’t.

Please support the Ukrainian Armed Forces who, at this very minute, are fighting for the liberty and democracy of Europe. The Ukrainian Forces are paying the price for all other European nations.

Link to Ukrainian Central Bank

Swedish and international Help for Heroes:

Soldiers fight wars, they never start wars. Politicians starts wars, they never fight wars.

So this is not a question if you pro the war in Afghanistan or Iraq or not, it’s a question about supporting the ones that are doing the dirty job - by risking life and body for their country and for democracy.

Help For Heroes in UK

Fredsbaskrarna in Sweden

All information on this site is free. But please buy a pin or something from the sites above.

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