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Snälla - inga vapenfrågor


Please - no questions about your old guns


Since shooting and hunting is very much under pressure - please join this network and Support our way of life!

Yes We Hunt in EU.

I’am the gun lobby

Shooting instructors and Shooting Schools:

Stefan Nilsson, represented Sweden in London 2012.

Magnus Berg, CMB Shooting & Events.

Susegården shooting school.
Simon H Pritchard - Shooting Instructor in UK

Shotgun Science and performance:

Marksman Simulator

Everyone has a standard - their own or soemone elses’ - this is the standard for us in Europe.

International forums for guns and shooting:

Internet Gun Club

Pigeon Watch

Double Gun Shop

Shotgun World

Other useful links to shooting shops in Southern parts of  Sweden and Denmark:

Hunters House Copenhagen
A must for anyone who likes quality guns, especially if you like British guns. I have not find anything like this in northern part of Europe. Their coffee will probably kill you - but I tell you - it’s worth it!
Note! The gun department has been closed for some time by the danish police who seems to have been in Sweden to be trained in how to harass legal gunowners.

Per Langvad Viborg (PLGuns in Viborg Denmark)
A very nice shop with some really cool guns at reasonable prices.

Kjells Vapen Sport Sjöbo
A gunshop that has a nice stock of second hand guns.

Jakt & Friluftsgården utanför Lund
Well worth visiting with occasionally low prices on second hand guns.

UK Gun Shops:

Vintage Guns
If you just have started to think about buying a brittish gun from UK, you should have contacted Dig Hadoke a long time ago....

Cheshire Gun Room
One of the few UK gun dealers that can export a gun without ripping you off totally.

Pantiles Vintage Guns
A lot of nice old guns in UK, well worth to explore. One of the few UK gun dealers that can export a gun without ripping you off totally.

International Gun Shops Online:

Krause Alte Jagdwaffen
Old guns in Germany, and there’s a lot of them.

Blogs on shooting and shotguns
My own blog. Not very active sorry to say......
Thorkild Ellerbaeks blogg on shooting and guns.
Älgflugornas Herre, a blogg on shooting in Sweden
About gun safety.

Other useful links:

Swedish Hunting
A site about shooting for those of you who never have been to Sweden.

Schullström & Mörner
Gunshop, shooting school and Sport Agency.

Susegårdens skjutskola
Gunshop and shooting school.

Cornell Publications
If you are looking for reprint of old gun catalogs, this is the site...

Mauser 98K
A good place if you are searching for information about Mauser 98.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, an organization that seems to understand guns far better than the Swedish corresponding organization.....
More about damascus barrels and Belgium gunmaking.

Little Gun.
Much more about Belgium gunmaking and Belgian gunmakers.

Norman Thelwell
A very gifted cartoonist that made some very funny pictures about shooting...

Gamebore Cartridges

Eley Cartridges

Hull Cartridges

Wideners Reloading and Shooting Supply.

The development of the gun (Thanks to Jessica for the tip)
Firearms History

Wideners guide to smokelss powder.

Springer and Cocker spaniels club in Sweden.

Target Sport USA - weapon history and development from an American perspective (Thanks to Barbaras Boy Scouts for the tip).

Reprinted Tradelabels:

Peter Dyson (I normally use this site)

Century Arms (In Australia, but if there is someone living there)

Henry Krank (UK, and they have a lot of really cool old guns to.)


Shootings Sportsman on line (Sporting Shot)

The Field

Shooting Gazette

Sporting Gun

Vapentidningen (Swedish gun magazine, my favorite magazine - fairly obvious)

Trapper (Finish shooting magazine, printed in Swedish)

Jagt, vildt & våben (Danish shooting magazine)

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